A Just Peace Church

In 1985, amidst the backdrop of the Cold War and the persistent challenges of racism, homophobia, poverty, environmental crisis, and economic disparity, the United Church of Christ made a bold proclamation toward a more hopeful future: that peace is possible.

At the 15th General Synod, the United Church of Christ became the first Christian denomination to declare itself a “Just Peace” church.  It defined “just peace” as the vision of shalom, linking peace and justice, calling for the interrelation of friendship, justice, and common security from violence.

Churches across the country went through a process of discernment to declare themselves Just Peace churches.  St. Luke UCC was one of those churches.  On January, 18, 1987, St. Luke UCC voted as a congregation to become a Just Peace Church and the St. Luke Peace Fellowship continues to be active in the congregation and community promoting peace with justice.